Talent Platform for Younger Generations.

Katyayani. Parent.

My daughter has been attending vedic math for level1 and 2, I feel this has helped her to gain more confidence with Maths. I think it is time well spent. The pace of the class and length of each session are good enough to get sufficient learning experience. I would say apart from learning, one definitely need to practice all the exercises and techniques or else it would be difficult to carry on the knowledge gained. Thank you to ExpressRight and SaiKiran Garu for providing and sharing ur knowledge to kids.๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ™

Lakshmi. Parent.

My daughter has been attended both level 1 and 2 of vedic maths classes and eagerly waiting for level 3 classes. We are very grateful to ExpressRight and Sai kiran Sir for their valuable time and dedication in grooming kids and imparting valuable knowledge and skills. I can say kids are excited to keep their calculators away and achieve great speeds. I can say this is one of best way of utilizing summer time. Our whole hearted thanks to Sai kiran Sir and ExpressRight. You are enabling do the right things in Express way.๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘

Manjeera. Parent.

My daughter Dhrutisai has attended the first and second level of Vedic math it helped her a lot for math calculations. Thanks to Sai Kiran Garu and ExpressRight.

Shravanti. Parent.

My 11 year old son Ashrith completed level1 and enrolled for level2. He has been showing so much interest since day 1 of Level1 and now he is eagerly waiting for level2 and he is very much happy with the knowledge he gained from Level1. Mr. Sai Kiran is an excellent teacher who creates interest in kids for learning Vedic math with his extraordinary math skills. Thanks ExpressRight and Sai Kiran Gaaru

Anonymous. Parent.

My daughter has attended the first and 2nd level of Vedic math it helped her a lot for math calculations. Thanks to saikiran Garu and ExpressRight.

Sravan. Parent.

My elder son,Sricharan attended level 1 and 2 of Vedic Math sessions from Dr Sai Kiran. He showed interest and enjoyed attending the classes from day one. He liked the way Mr Sai Kiran teaching the techniques of Vedic Math and showing interest to attend level 3 sessions also. If the Kids keep practicing and excel these techniques. I feel it will be very useful for the Kids, when they give academic and competitive exams.Thanks to ExpressRight team!

Kalyan. Parent.

I am a member of CVA lives in Lehigh Station community. I truly feels great about all the session your Organisation is arranging for kids and community, especially during this tuff times with COVID. ๐Ÿ™

Phani. Parent.

My daughter Nakshatra has attended the first two levels of vedic math and it is our pleasure and honor to learn from world recorder Dr Sai Kiran. The new strategies and methods learnt during this time, definitely improved her mental Math. ExpressRight has provided wonderful platform and a tremendous opportunity for all this generation kids can learn and grow. They did amazing job orchestrating the classes. We highly recommend everyone to utilize this unique opportunity

Bhagya. Parent.

My son Kevin really liked Vedic math. He was struggling with doing simple additions but after attending level 1 and level2, he gained efficiency doing math in seconds. It was a fun learning for him. Thanks to Sai Kiran Garu  and ExpressRight for enlightening the kids in Vedic Math.